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Life with a Bengal

Each kitten is unique in its own special way. It is one of the most amazing experiences watching them grow up and knowing that they are a part of your family. They grow up with you, with your kids, part of your family big or small they adapt to there surroundings. Whether you are the adventurous outdoorsman, modest homebody, or on the go parent  your Bengal will adapt to your personality. Nothing is ever boring in the house of a Bengal. It is all an exciting adventure.

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Do Bengal cats like water?

when raised around water their curiosity will get the best of them. In our experience they seem to be especially curious running water. Some Bengals even like to swim, It all depends on how they are raised and what they are exposed to early on.

How Big Do Bengal Cats Get?

Males Bengals range from 10-18 lbs. While female Bengals range from 7-15lbs. It all depends on what domestic cat was breed to the Asian leopard, as the Asian Leopard is only 7-10 lbs. in size.

What Do I Feed My Bengal

As a Bengal cat owner I would recommend you keep the same dietary regiment of the breeder you acquire your Bengal from. if you do choose to change your Bengals diet I recommend that you introduce the new food slowly by mixing it with its current food. I would also encourage that you research the new food to ensure it meets dietary requirement for a Bengal.

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Bengal Qualities







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Bengals are playful, energetic cats with a generous dose of feline curiosity. They are loyal and bond to their family. Bengals love to climb and are very athletic. One of the main characteristics that make them so special as companions is their intelligence. Bengals learn very quickly. In fact, they may learn tricks you’d rather they didn’t, such as turning on and off light switches, opening doors, and flushing toilets. The curious Bengal may get into everything, and changes in the home often provoke a quick response from the Bengal. Open a cupboard and your Bengal may dive in for a look-see, and will rearrange the contents if they’re not up to his standards.  Bengals often love water, particularly if it’s running. Some only dip an occasional paw under the faucet, while others may try to go for a romp in the tub or shower.

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Colors and Patterns are not all the same each Bengal is different.

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