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Kitten Pricing

Kitten Pet Pricing $2500
We strive for purr-fection in our Bengals. We would like to give everyone the opportunity to experience one of these Majestic Felines. Not only will you Fall In Love with their Personality and Temperament they will bring Joy and Happiness to your Family.

Kitten Pricing: Services
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Brown Rosettes

Ground color can be all shades of brown. Brown to jet black markings. Green or gold eyes.


Snow Minx

Ivory, cream, light tan color. Dark seal brown tail tip. Blue-green or aqua eyes


Blue Rosettes

Powder blue/grey coat with cream tones. Green, gold eyes or hazel eyes


Charcoal Rosettes

Ground color can be dark grayish/brownish or carbon colored. "Zorro" markings with white goggles around the eyes and a dark charcoal mask.

Kittens Adoption Includes:

*Examination by a professional Veterinarian
*Core vaccinations at 8 weeks
*De-Wormed from 9-11 weeks
*Bag of food they are currently eating
*TICA paperwork(released at proof of spay/neuter from vet)
*A Curious Kitten Filled with Love
*Lifetime support for your Bengal

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Waiting list/ Deposit

Our deposit per kitten is $500. Deposits are non-refundable but may be transferred to another kitten in certain situations. We will not hold a kitten without a Deposit being placed. Once a deposit is received that kitten will be held and not offered to anyone else.

Kitten Pricing: Text
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